The car centric urban mobility practice in Nigerian cities today is at a huge economic, social, health and environmental damages both to families and to the nation. The trend evolved over the years as a result of undue attention to the car in policy development, infrastructure provision and investments generally. To this end, a mindset reorientation is a critical factor for recovering the lost cycling culture that hitherto was a pride in the 60s and early 70s in Nigeria.

Therefore, realizing that Nigeria is a demographically young nation with over 60% population being 24years and below, most of whom are in school, it becomes expedient to focus on these young people so we can have a cycling future. It is for this reason that Ochenuel Mobility developed and launched the secondary school cycling campaign during the 1st United Nation’s World Bicycle Day, 3rd June which was marked 4th and 5th June in Nigeria. And jointly anchored by the Federal Road Safety Corps, Cycling Federation of Nigeria Ochenuel Mobility and a host of other partners.

In Nigerian urban centers, secondary school children are mostly dropped off by parents, guardians or their drivers, some use commercial means including informal transport and taxis, while others walk if the school is within reasonable distance, only a minuet percentage of schools have school buses. In all cases, the parents spend money except for the few that walk

And the Message is Simple

Are you a father, mother or guardian? Are you concern about the consequences of motorization? Do you bother about the health and social wellbeing of your child? Do you like to save money? Your child is saying "Dad, don’t drop me off, buy me a bicycle instead"

Join the Campaign

Do you like to join the campaign? Share this link on the different social media platforms, escalate our social media handles; @buymebike on twitter, and Facebook. Contact us at the office and pick free fliers to distribute, better still, sponsor a campaign in a school

You can invite us to your school to talk to students or their parents. And do you have any event involving school children, make us a part of it and we will be glad to attend and share. We equally give basic cycling tips to new cyclists.

Let Us Know

Did you just buy a bicycle for your child? Did you host a campaign in this regard, or you would like to talk to us? Give us a feed back at Better still give us a call or whatsapp at +2348055994943