Ochenuel Mobility enables and help clients realize the development of low-carbon and climate-resilient mobility. We brings together expertise in land-use and planning, WASH and transport, energy and resource use to achieve change from new urban and sector strategies to deliver the transition to a better future. In line with the SDGs and the New Urban Agenda.

We help our clients integration climate change into area-based and sector-based mobility strategies and programmes planning from the point of land-use, and enterprise development, low carbon mobility development and inclusive mobility planning.


  • Strategies for low carbon, inclusive and climate resilient urban mobility development
  • Delivering low carbon built environment and sustainable infrastructure from the point of mobility
  • Scaling up sustainable technologies, including planning and enterprise development
  • Policy and strategy development on renewable energy, cleaner technologies and energy efficient vehicles
  • Knowledge sharing on emerging markets, PPP and climate change investment options in the transportation sector
  • Indicator development, monitoring and evaluation to track progress on the SDGs national targets for effective reporting
  • Technical assistance and expert advice