Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) use technology to improve safety, efficiency, environmental performance and the journey experience for users. We develop and evaluate new ITS solutions to ensure they meet customer and market requirements with the overall goal of addressing current mobility concerns.

At Ochenuel Mobility we have substantial experience evaluating the performance and implications of technology on transport policy and operations, business models, user behaviour and safety to help solve transport problems. This means we can effectively assess ITS products and services and their likely real-world impact. We consider how they can contribute to multi-modal network management and the development of intelligent vehicles.

In an ever more connected world, the sophisticated capability of ITS solutions provides control and user information that adapts to current and predicted conditions. This can improve the performance of multi-modal transport networks and enhance the user experience.

  • Policy development
  • Network interface and optimization
  • Traffic simulation and real-time monitoring
  • Transport fare E-card, and mobile app development and deployments
  • Transit management
  • Traveler information services