With the ever changing dynamism in the transportation and mobility industry, decision makers, corporates entities, government institution and personnel must keep abreast with emerging innovations in order to keep their systems profitably afloat.

Beside our Ochenuel Sustainable Urban Mobility Course which holds annually in November, we offer a wide range of other short course options ranging from drivers proficiency trainings and refresher courses, fleet operations, mobility policy and strategy development trainings and a host of others listed below. It is therefore incumbent on institutions corporate entities Unions and individuals that offer mobility products and services to continually built capacity taking advantage of our various mediums and different areas of expertise.

Ochenuel Mobility provides training and education in the following areas:

  • Mobility and fleet Management
  • Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)
  • Transport and Traffic engineering
  • Road Safety
  • Transport and traffic data collection and management
  • Parking
  • Mobility for vulnerable groups; persons with disability, Gender, Children and the aged
  • Transport policy, strategy and master plans
  • Transport modeling
  • Drivers training
  • Cycling and pedestrian policy and planning

Similarly, we provide tailor made courses, coaching and specialized training programs that meet specific knowledge and behavioral modification gaps for corporate entities and government institutions.

Ours services meets the best global quality yet address local situation at affordable cost with flexibility of delivery. Contact us today.